Bower Bird Nest

Someone is definitely out to impress the girlfriend.

Structurally impressive and delightfully decorated - how could any girl resist...

This is a first for me - I have never seen one of these before.

Bower Bird's Bow

Bower Bird's Bow

I am not sure what to call it so maybe you can help me out? Is this called a nest; a bower or a bow???

Mister Bower Bird - let's call him Beau - has been very busy collecting only the very best. The fridge magnet is out front - a bit like the Golden Arches you find in most places. I am sure that would be a real Chick Magnet.

Bower peg.jpg

Can you see the wasp nest; a few sheoak seed pods; lots of plastic caps off sports drink bottles and some other bottle caps and rings as well.

It was a bit harder to see the pink peg first up but that might be because i am colour blind! Young Beau also has a thing for aluminium foil and the green glass is pretty much in fashion it seems and readily available (a big thank you to the person who broke the bottle up into more manageable sized pieces for him). There are also some screws strategically placed - I spotted three but there may be more.

It makes you wonder just how boring theses nests/ bowers/ bows would have been before us white fellas turned up.