Cat's Claw Creeper

I found this creepy creeper yesterday.

Seems harmless enough - makes a good screen actually - nice and thick and it gets a pretty little yellow flower - very nice!!

Have you worked out its name yet - then take a closer look ...

Cats Claw Creeper

Cats Claw Creeper

Like some people i know these girls look pretty and nice to have around BUT after a while they get their claws in and they start invading too much of your life. Those little cat's claws dig in and hold on. Even when you realise that you are losing control and you want to shake them off it is probably too late. Those little kitty claws are stuck fast.

Did you notice those creepy little roots on the stems every couple of centimeters?? Like a cancer those little creepies are looking for every chance to dig themselves into some fresh soil and start anew - friends beware!! - they are not nice to have around. So you need to act fast - cut them off at the base and paint in some Round Up within a couple of minutes while the sap is still running.

cats claw creeper proserpine river
Cats claw 5.jpg

My new mate Lynda Wills down at Burnett Mary Regional Group set me straight on this little lady. She is into weeds and seeds. She sent me a brochure on it so i'll share it with you

As you see can this creepy creeper doesn't just invade and latch on but it takes control - it creeps on creeping on - absolutely smothering the life out the beautiful thing it clings to. The once beautiful bushland is over-run by this blanket of barbs. 

ps - If you are wondering - I have not been in any relationships or friendships like this - ok?